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Featuring BioEnergetics Body Energy Scan (NES) and Consulting and other Consulting, Coaching and Educational Services related to the Human Energy Fields for Achieving Holistic Optimal Health!

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.”  -Albert Einstein

About the BioEnergetics Body Energy Scan (NES)

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New in Health Care! Exploring the Human Body BioEnergy Field!

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I’m Dominick Flarey, Ph.D., RN-BC, ANP-BC, HIHC-CSp., a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner, and a Certified Specialist in Holistic and Integrative Nursing.  Many know me as the Executive Director & President of the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. However, I would like to take a few moments to also introduce myself to you as a Health Care Clinical Professional who is also in Independent Practice as a Certified Bioenergetics Health Coach.

I am passionate about Bioenergetics and its cutting-edge science and applications in health care as the new and upcoming modality to assist us in moving to optimum levels of health and wellness. Energy Health and Energy Wellness is the new dimension in Health Care, its time has come and it is here!

Please take a few minutes to review the following information. I believe you will find it most interesting.

The specialty of Bioenergetics is cutting-edge science and assessment that is holistic and focuses on the body’s energy system, the human body field.

“Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems.” It is based on the theory that if you can correct the body’s energy system, you could, in theory, correct anything!”

Bioenergetics and its assessment tools help us look at the “root causes” of issues and conditions that may be leading to many health-related problems that are being experienced by people today. Everything is energy! We are energy beings! All of our cells, our organs, our biochemistry, our hormones, everything that is happening in our bodies is driven by our bioenergy fields and this includes our emotions as well!

Our energies are the core of our creative processes. The Human Energy Field is the Master Controller of everything that happens in our bodies! Distortions, improper resonance, and blockages in our bioenergy fields all lead to potential problems and issues in many areas of our physical and emotional selves, and moves us away from Optimum Health!

Illustration of the Chakras two human bodies (silloutes) all lite up in the colors of the chakras in bright colors against a black background

NES Health, a pioneering company in Bioenergetics, has developed the most sophisticated, cutting-edge technology to accurately assess, define and map out the human bioenergy field. Their technology has determined (using Physics) the optimum bioenergy blue print and can assess a person’s bioenergy field against it with an accurate spot-on comparison.

The outcome is a highly accurate, 40+ page report of the status of one’s entire bioenergy field that is compared to the bioenergy field of a blue print for total optimal health.

The Scan report is very comprehensive and looks at; Environment, Diet, Hydration, Movement, Relationship to our Energy and the Earth, Strength of the Energy of our Body Fields by body systems, the Integrators or carriers of information of our energy systems (related to traditional Chinese medicine Meridian systems), all body systems are covered, our Energetic Immunity Systems, Toxins in the environment, energetic nutritional assessment including energetic support needed to process vitamins, the body-mind energetic connection and how the mind and emotions are affecting the body’s bioenergy fields, and much more. The report is very impressive and provides detailed and the most comprehensive information on the client’s body energy fields. Clients have their reports to keep for life!

In this way, the scan report allows us to identify areas through the body, as well as emotional issues where the client’s body fields are not in harmony or resonance with a body field in good optimal health.

As a Certified Bioenergetics Coach, I am qualified to provide you with access to remote, online NES Scans! I also provide  one and a half- hour online consultations following your scan where I meet with you via ZOOM and review all of the aspects of your scan, assist you in understanding the report results and discuss with you strategies that can be taken to make corrections to help optimize your bioenergy to move you toward more optimum health.

What are just some of the signs/symptoms of those who have blockages/disruptions, poor energy flow and lack of coherence and proper resonance in their bioenergy fields?

  • Fatigue, lack of energy, Apathy, Chronic Fatigue * this is a big one! This is experienced by so many who have issues with problems in their bioenergy fields
  • Insomnia
  • Depression/Anxiety/Lack of Motivation
  • Mind-Body/Mental health issues
  • Digestive Issues
  • Feelings of Stress/Symptoms of stress
  • Difficulty losing weight and keeping it off
  • Skin Issues/rashes
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Blood sugar imbalances/issues
  • Frequent cold/flus/allergies
  • Joint pains/swelling
  • Inability to detox heavy metals
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Urinary Tract/Kidney issues
  • Neurological issues/Migraines/Headaches
  • Generalized body aches/Fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Lack of focus/learning difficulties
  • Difficulties healing from infections/frequent infections
  • Difficulties absorbing nutrients/vitamins/minerals
  • Problems with metabolism/digestion
  • Difficulties with EMF exposures
  • And just about any problems, especially chronic illnesses, that you can imagine can be attributed to disruptions, lack of coherence and resonance within our human bioenergy field.

The NES bioenergy scan is simple! It can be done in the comfort of your own home and takes just a matter of minutes! It is completed using a highly sophisticated “Voice” technology. Once ordered, you are guided to (your private client portal) where you will sign in and having received full instructions by email from me, you will take your online NES Voice Scan. Within 24-hours you will be sent an e-mail from us with full instructions on accessing the private, online Video Consultation/Education room. Here you will have full access to online Video presentations of every screen of the Scan report with full educational tutorials on understanding your Scan report and results.

During the viewing of the online Video Education/Tutorials you will be learning about recommended cutting-edge corrective products called “Infoceuticals,” which are drops that have been encoded with the energetic information needed to bring your body field back into proper alignment/resonance with the blue print of the optimal bioenergy field. The scan’s software provides the priority recommendations for what your bioenergy field is asking for proper correction

The price for the NES Bioenergetics Body Energy Scan is $59.00. This includes your Scan, a 48-page comprehensive, detailed report of your results and your access to our private, online Consultation/Education Videos. You will be given access to our private online Consultation Videos where Dominick will provide over three (3) hours of consultation/education and tutorials . He goes over each one of the Screen reports for you that are provided on a Scan report and teaches you how to review and understand your Scan results, what it means for you and reviews for you all of the information that the NES Bioenergetics System provides for you, including recommendations to assist in supporting your energy fields to optimal health and wellness. You have access to your NES Scan report for life! It may be downloaded and printed out, if you wish. You may access the Consultation/Education Videos on your own time and review them at your pace. You will gain an in-depth understand of your Body Energy Fields and how they impact your entire being! Re-scans are priced at $39.00 each and you have access to the online Consultation/Education Videos again, with all Re-Scans.

In most all instances clients come away with all of the information and understanding that they need after reviewing the online Consultation/Education Videos. Some clients may, however, desire a more in-depth and personal, one-to-one consultation with an opportunity for discussion and questions. In such cases there is the opportunity to schedule a private, personal consultation with Dominick, live in a Zoom Room, online. Information is provided at the time you receive your Scan report.  

Ordering is Simple

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When you Request Additional Information, you can receive a Complimentary Discount Account to our Full Scripts Dispensary for 15% off of their highest quality Brand Supplements!  

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Here is a short Video on NES and the Bioenergy Field. I hope you enjoy it!

For those of you who would like to have access to a one-hour long video all about NES and the human bioenergy field, you can make a request by emailing me directly at the link right below.

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This E-Book is an excellent introduction to Bioenergetics and goes in-depth in explaining the Human Body Energy Field and how to experience more energy and better health with Bioenergetics. It is an interesting read and one I know many will really enjoy.

With your Free Account you may access the site at any time and have free access to the following: the NES online store, podcasts, articles, video lectures, energy imprinted music that you can listen to at any time, movies, bioenergetic recipes, recorded webinars, and more, all to assist you in learning about bioenergetics, the human body energy field and how you can increase your own energy and optimize your health! Your NES account with me is totally free and there are no obligations to purchase anything. Your account is for your learning journey.

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When you Request Additional Information, you can receive a Complimentary Discount Account to our Full Scripts Dispensary for 15% off of their highest quality Brand Supplements!

Sign up for our E-Mail List and Receive Updates, News and Special Pricing Offers! access link
When you sign up for our E-Mail list you can receive a Complimentary Discount Account to our Full Scripts Dispensary for
15% off of their highest quality Brand Supplements!

Thank you for reviewing the information about this new and cutting-edge dimension of Health Care! 

The Future of Health Care is Exciting!

Coming Soon: The Center for Functional & Integrative Health!

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